Koopa Bros 323 vs 165 Exploding Fish

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Koopa Bros 323 vs 165 Exploding Fish

Post  TK64 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:36 am

-Barry's hosting connection is terrible.
-On GP3, ExF got a -20 penalty because Hawk dc'd BEFORE the voting (it showed 7/7) and ExF refused to restart.
-GP2, Starz d/c'd Race 1, I d/c'd with 30 points after 2 races, Hawk d/c'd Race 3 with 26 points. They played 2v3, no one got the pic, no one got the scores, and ExF refused to replay the GP. So, we played 3v0 (ironically enough, Hawk still d/c'd anyways)
-Cookeh scored best in the GP where she wasn't there.
-Kyle @ Sprinter GP3
-Top 3 race 1 of GP3 on Mushroom Gorge, when Hawk wasn't there, Barry shock dodged, and I got target shocked, near the end of lap 3. Funny how things like that work, isn't it?
-Hey everybody, it's Chugga Conroy!
-joey with the 50 points GP3 putting dat bread on the table

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